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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogger: Ave et Vale

You know, nothing is forever. Everything is finite, even the universe. So it stands to reason this blog is impermanent as well.

Now, before you start wondering, no-- I haven't decided to quit blogging. I know there's been long stretches of silence, moments of herky-jerkiness, where I've backposted and filled in the void. But generally, I've managed to keep this blog going for nearly two years. Throughout it all, I've enjoyed the platform I currently have.

But life is not just ultimately impermance; it's also about change. It's time for me to make a change. This is the last post I'll be doing here at Blogger. While I don't plan to eradicate this particular address, I won't be saying anything here anymore (with the exception of responding to any comments that come in following this particular post-- I'll still respond to you, my readers!). Instead, I'm setting up shop over at DeafRead. The new and improved Sandbox can be found at Mr. Sandman's Sandbox.

The name remains the same; all the entries have been imported and moved; my particular brand of rants and raves won't change; the general lack of comments probably won't change either (just my luck!). It's just the URL and the supporting platform, which will be WordPress.

I'll miss the combination of tan and cream, the old-fashioned font styling, and Haloscan. But I think it'll be fun regardless-- I'll still be spouting my particular brand of wisdom for you to appreciate or ignore, as you see fit.

So-- ave et vale. Hail and Farewell.

But considering I'm not "dead," but only moving, a better closing might be:

The Sandbox is dead; long live the Sandbox! *grin*